The Rotation Tool in Adobe Photoshop CS6

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Display panel options
Click the panel menu icon in the upper-right corner of the panel.
You can open a panel menu even when the panel is minimized.
In Photoshop, you can change the font size of the text in panels and tool tips. In the Interface preferences, choose a size from the UI Font Size
(Illustrator) Adjust panel brightness
In User Interface preferences, move the Brightness slider. This control affects all panels, including the Control panel
Search For Help box
Use the Search For Help box on the right side of the Application bar to search for Help topics and online content. If you have an active Internet
connection, you can access all content on the Community Help website. If you search for Help without an active Internet connection, search results
are limited to Help content that is included with Illustrator.
1. In the search box, type the name of the item on which you want to search (such as a feature, application, or tool).
2. Press Enter.
All topics available from the Community Help center appear in a separate browser window.
About screen modes
You can change the visibility of the illustration window and menu bar using the mode options at the bottom of the Tools panel. To access panels
when in Full Screen Mode, position the cursor at the left or right edge of the screen and the panels will pop up. If you've moved them from their
default locations, you can access them from the Window menu.
You can choose one of the following modes:
Normal Screen Mode displays artwork in a standard window, with a menu bar at the top and scroll bars on the sides.
Full Screen Mode With Menu Bar displays artwork in a full-screen window, with a menu bar at the top and scroll bars.
Full Screen Mode displays artwork in a full-screen window, with no title bar or menu bar
The status bar appears at the lower-left edge of the illustration window. It displays any of the following:
current zoom level
current tool in use
current artboard in use
To the top
To the top
navigation controls for multiple artboards
date and time
number of undos and redos available
document color profile
status of a managed file
Click the status bar to do any of the following:
Change the type of information displayed in the status bar by selecting an option from the Show submenu.
Show the current file in Adobe Bridge by choosing Reveal In Bridge.
Enter values in panels and dialog boxes
You enter values using the same methods
in all panels and dialog boxes. You can also perform simple math in any box that accepts numeric
values. For example, if you want to move a selected object 3 units to the right using the current measurement units, you don't have to work out the
new horizontal position—simply type +3 after the current value in the Transform panel.
Enter a value in a panel or dialog box
Do any of the following:
Type a value in the box, and press Enter or Return.
Drag the slider.
Drag the dial.
Click the arrow buttons in the panel to increase or decrease the value.
Click in the box and then use the Up Arrow key and Down Arrow key on the keyboard to increase or decrease the value. Hold down Shift and
click an arrow key to magnify the increase rate or decrease rate.
Select a value from the menu associated with the box
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